Cooloff period for new signups?


5 days for BB-threads. Indefinitely for nor blog-threads.


For the record, reading speeds are all over the map. One of my daughters would be credited with reading a 100-post thread after having read about 10 posts, whereas I can still read at a rate that seems like I’m cheating.


You love to play on hard mode, don’t you!


My hunch is that this is the best approach: a wedding of the common-sense “first comment(s) always held for moderation” and the Discourse way of community trust.


Essentially, a reversal of the spam process. New user post starts out hidden, and then gets uncovered.

Maybe this applies to the first 1, 3, or 5 posts from a new user.


This sounds like a great compromise. Here’s today’s example of why we don’t want to discourage new posters: Actual developer of thread’s topic chimes in.


Maybe it’d be possible to have a checkbox on sign-up that asks if the new member is the subject of an article, bypassing any delay, but flagging posts for moderation instead?

ETA: obviously, bullshitting the checkbox should result in insta-ban.


Ewwww, shades of Gawker’s Kinja comment-ghetto. Never go full Kinja.


I’m not familiar with Kinja - what are the drawbacks?


You have to give your first born child to Gawker.


Well, maybe. More like they would be visible to the author and all members trust level 2 or higher, and hidden for anonymous users. Otherwise you have to rely on people constantly clicking to expand the content and inspect it (in order to potentially give it a like) which is kind of tedious.

I also wonder if a post by a new user is read by “enough” trust level 2 and higher users if that means it is OK. Or if someone replies to it. An explicit like is better, of course. So in summary maybe when…

  • enough TL2+ users read the new user post
  • any TL2+ users reply to the new user post
  • any TL2+ users explicitly like the post

… The new user post could then be shown to everyone, rather than being hidden (click to expand) for anon, TL0 (new), and TL1 (somewhat new) users.

This would require some discipline around not replying to obvious trolls though, otherwise you are unhiding their posts for everyone by virtue of your reply…


I personally like things just the way they are. New users are not discouraged from posting (and we were all new users once, and I’d hazard a wild-ass guess that most new posters are not trolls, though data to support that WAG lie outside my purview), and offenders are generally pretty efficiently dealt with.

I guess I prefer a not-quite-free-for-all wherein all newborn posters are treated as equally sincere and valid and given a good-faith chance to prove their value, and if they turn out to be turds they get flushed. I don’t need all that flushing to take place out of sight, as I don’t feel anyone else’s opinion (however dipshitty) can really ruin my experience here.

But then I’m privileged to possess that feeling, and I know other people don’t. Trollish comments can be genuinely damaging and hurtful and offensive, of course, and it’d be swell if we could pre-emptively minimize them. I just think that any measurably successful method of pre-emptive troll abatement will similarly result in pre-emptive Good Commenter abatement, and I personally don’t think it’d be worth it.

But certainly you guys might think it worthwhile. My tuppence-worth isn’t representative of the Hivemind, such as it is.


It really, really depends on the topic. Some are much more controversial than others and tend to attract a handful of new users who are not there in good faith. And very noisy.


Yes indeed, you are certainly correct. And those are often the topics I avoid, not because I don’t like actual controversy, but because I know what to expect: that bad-faith noise. I don’t mean to suggest the porch should be ceded to the bats, 'cause y’know that’s akin to treating bad actors as a force of nature against which it’s fruitless to rail, and I am instead a proponent of the idea that we mustn’t allow the bastards to dictate the furniture of our communal living rooms if we ever want to have nice things. I’m just reluctant to raise the bar to entry. We want a screen door to let in the fresh breeze of Discourse while keeping out the Horseflies of Discord, but that will require a delicate touch indeed, and one that will either result in someone occasionally seeing flyspecks in the ointment or a delicate newbie’s toe getting stubbed on the threshold, and my inclination is to err on the side of the former. Many’s the time I wanted to comment on io9 or Kotaku, but I still simply cannot be bothered with the Kinja system. And I don’t want this place to become like that.


This has worked the best for online communities that I’ve been in charge of. I think you have the ability to automate and gamify this with Discourse too. Say, after x approved posts they get a badge and no longer have their replies go straight to moderation. Downside: more work for your lot.


New idea:

Ask new users their opinion about Joe Paterno before allowing them to comment. Examples: 1. 2. 3.

Crowdsourced Captcha for Horrible People

I think one could gauge based on college sports in general. I’m sure there are those that would say Paterno is guilty as all hell because he’s not from OHIO STATE YEAH!


I actually like it when people who are knowledge about an issue jump in because they have some kind of feed coming in that says, “All topics related to transgender issues posting now…” and then they come over and bring some knowledge.

I don’t like the people who have the same thing going on and spew hate on particular political topics. They tend to be very canned and dogmatic.

I don’t know if this helps at all, but maybe it’s hotbutton political topics where we need some kind of flow control.


Okay, new idea. Hear me out. I was inspired by

All new users for the first ten minutes can only see controversial threads, and they can only see other new users!! I propose we call this The Chunderdome.

The top 25% are promoted to members, the middle 50% remain in The Chunderdome, and the bottom 25% have form letters mailed to their mothers explaining they didn’t raise their kids well.

Who’s With M…

Mod note
Japhroaig has been banished to the Chunderdome.


LOL, watching Mad Max right now.

Previously thought the war boys said “White Nightmare” but seems like they are actually saying “Witness me” when they sacrifice themselves for their greater good.

Kinda fits with the Chunderdome grads who would sacrifice themselves in order to be witnessed or have I just twisted that badly to fit?