Crowdsourced Captcha for Horrible People


Continuing from this idea on how to implement a cooloff period for new signups…

The idea for this thread is to compile a list of questions that happy mutants would easily pass but may trap horrible people.


What do you think of Joe Paterno?

[] He was innocent.
[] I’m not a sportsball fan.


Gamergate has…

[] improved journalism.
[] ruined lives.


College sports are:

1 - An absolute waste of resources
A - Sports Go Sports!
I - An interesting way to spend a weekend.


The Civil War was:

1 - About slavery
A - About states right


US foreign policy is:

  1. Historically tyrannical

  2. USA! USA!


Guns for home defense:

1 - Why not? They’re fun!
A - Maybe
I - I don’t think they’re for my family.


Disney’s Haunted Mansion is:

1 - Squee!!
A - Meh.



1 - Just look at them.
A - Oranges.


This video looks very much like something a person from my high school would have created. We used to have a cheer for basketball:

Apathy! Appathy! That’s our cry!
A P A … aw, who cares?


Select the image of a happy mutant:


I’d pick Meh, only I can’t be bothered.


1> Wargames
2> @OtherMichael


How about an essay?

Define cultural marxism.

Any answer other than “Get bent” gets denied.
Anything over 500 words gets pre-banned for a thousand years.


[] DRM
[] what’s DRM?


“Clump of worms” is
[] a great writing prompt!
[] WTF?


VPNs are:

[] how I telecommute
[] how I watch mad max

(I don’t even know the answer to this one!)


[] Why not both?

And if they use an animated GIF we just call them a Regular.


#Why are we not using polls?

  • I keep forgetting about polls.
  • MathPolls is hard!
  • Uh…

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  • Yes
  • Absolutely not
  • With bacon
  • Vegan pleez
  • Unicorn
  • Haunted mansion

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