Cop Hits Woman's Car At 94 MPH, Killing Her Infant. Police Arrest Woman For Negligent Homicide

Organized criminal gang known as US cops re-victimizes grieving mother.


PLEASE WAKe up I must wake up this has to be a dream!

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So when do we get to see that murder cop lethally injected? Or put on trial? Or permanently lose his ability to ever work as a cop or even security ever again? Never?

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Judges and prosecutors, and even some public defenders, are terrified of the Blue Mafia and their union.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Answer, in America no one with any power. The rare politician that promises to stand up to police unions is typically met with not-so-subtle threats against themselves and their families.


Not just terrified, they have no incentive to ever do anything contrary to what the cops want.

Judges and prosecutors work with cops every single day. Especially prosecutors. For whom cops are important partners in building cases. So when a cop comes into a grand jury for having, say, shot an unarmed black man in the back 12 times, they have no real interest in throwing the book at the cop since that’ll make it harder for him to do his job later when the cops won’t feel like cooperating in retaliation.

It’s a sick system and we need to have special prosecutors who only do prosecutions of cops and who have no professional relationship with them.

How it’s setup is basically the definition of conflict of interest these days.


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