Cop taxing article comments b0rked

Doing the ‘going round in circles back to the article’ thing @frauenfelder

And the Eskimo Pie thing, too. Haven’t seen this with a Cory post before.

It keeps happening!

Oh, the agony! The agony of da feet!

Is there any point in continuing to point these out…?

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I checked and it’s still pointed wrong. @beschizza, @codinghorror?

Is it because Michael Boris isn’t a regular contributor?

As documented elsewhere at some length, yes, that is likely. It is the posts from BBS editors with proper accounts that historically have worked fine, that concern me.


Users think it be like

But devs know it be like

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So, like this one?

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Round and round we go… as for comments, that’s a NO.

Definitively covered at BBS discussions missing