Cop who switched off traffic cam in order to make illegal threats will keep his job

Shutting off a dashcam should just mean that the little red light goes off and the footage goes straight to a review board outside of that department.


I wonder if some kind of bond system would solve this? Or insurance? Take it out of their pay incrementally, if they remain good cops they get it back.


The town is on the hook for civil liability when a bad cop screw up. Is that a risk the town is willing to take? Compared to many civil settlements to the victims of bad cops, $50k is pocket change.


The problem with #notallcops is that we have so much trouble actually punishing #afewbadapples. “Conduct unbecoming” ought be punished with immediate termination. If you can’t act like a police officer, then you shouldn’t be one.

(In before anyone says he was acting like a police officer - they aren’t all bad, really)


I wish that were true. This guy (who by all accounts is not the finest member of society) was tased twice and then kicked by 3 cops while he was down. The town was sued for 3 million, but the settlement was $198,000, or $66,000/cop.

Another plaintiff got a $55,000 settlement in a suit against 5 cops, which works out to $11,000/officer. This was paid by a municipal insurance company, not out of city coffers.

I think big settlements are the exception, reserved for the handful of cases where police brutalize the more “upstanding” members of society.

If the prosecutor isn’t willing to prosecute a cop because it affects the police department budget, you’ve got another conflict of interest. The police may not be willing to fire the guy because of his misconduct, but if he’s in jail where he belongs, they’ll have to do something.

They might even go for a radical step like training the officers not to be thugs or criminals.

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I dig what you are trying to say here, but I want to draw what I think is an important distinction:

To wit:" “Niles, OH”

In my opinion its these small town cops ( which are often little more than armed security guards ) that are by far worse than any that you will find in a major city.

A police officer that protects “bad apples” and conveniently doesn’t see them do bad things and fails to report them when they do are “bad apples”. They are not all “bad apples” but the super majority of them are.

There are fewer times in your life when you are in more danger than when you are surrounded by cops. The more cops around you, the more danger you are in. It only takes one to do something violently and you are utterly fucked because the rest will just watch.


Maybe, but if the city loses the suit it won’t change anything.

Blow the whistle. Of course, firing is only necessary if you survive and are acquitted.


Not true. City cops can be just as bad. There are awful cops in every law enforcement agency. You may not hear about some of the large city atrocities, b/c a large city often has a system in place to keep things quiet.


I know for a fact that if i shut off a camera at work just that single action would get me fired that day, no questions asked, no excuses accepted.


I believe you mean + 1 bad apple. And the bad pile is getting a lot bigger than the good pile.

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I hear what you are saying and I dont have any problem accepting your statement. But its my experience that large town cops have things to do- like dealing with real crime.

Whereas the ‘police officers’ in Skeeterville, OH dont have anything better to do except sit on the side of the road and wait for you to dive past ‘too fast’ so they can harass you.

Officer Mobley instructed him to shut off his dash camera, claiming it was for a legitimate law enforcement purpose

There’s no such purpose, and anyone who says differently just wants to make it easier to get away with abuse.

This American Life has a very disturbing story about Officer Adrian Schoolcraft, who recorded a lot of his interactions with the head of his department. These recordings are chilling. There were demands to meet ticketing and arrest quotas. On halloween the head of department told the officers to “get everyone off the streets” to lock up anyone older than a child, but younger than a parent under the becca bill bullshit, whether or not there are charges or probable cause.

Schoolcraft attempted to not conform to the quota system. He “missed his numbers” and refused to treat everyone like criminals. He was harassed, by the department, and threatened, and driven to the point of hiding out in his house under siege when he tried to blow the whistle.

It’s fucking insane what happens to cops who try to honor their own integrity. Their departments chew them up and spit them out, and try to get them committed to psychiatric hospitals. Fucking ridiculous.

“Don’t trust the guy with all the meticulously documented recordings! He’s crazy!”

Sure officer “Lock up anyone you see tonight, our arrest numbers aren’t matching up with last year’s”.

Forgot, Here’s the Link to the story on This American Life:


Someone said that a normal person wouldn’t do this.
Actually, a normal person would not seek to become one of these lowlifes to get even for what the hateful lowlife perceives as slights in the lowlife’s past.
This is especially true of the bullies with badges goons who would beat, taze, rob, rape and/or murder their own mothers to get even.


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