Copyright's insane penalties


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It’s disgusting that an entertainment industry can ruin your life, your kids life, and probably their kids lives with insurmountable debt.
Even if the intent is there, where you knowingly pirated content, it should not carry that kind of punishment.

It’s like reverse royalties. Instead of the next 3 or 4 generations of your family riding the waves of your short success, you’ll be riding their debts.


The maximum penalties wouldn’t be a problem if they were only applied to commercial misuse as per the original intent.

Debts are not inherited - they go with you to your grave.

Not here they don’t. Even if you’re dead, someone has to pay.

The original intent of legislators (who were, at best, wilfully naive about this)?

Or the original intent of the media companies that owned them (who knew damn well what they were going to use it for)?

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