Cornell University gets a grant to catalog and preserve Afrika Bambaataa's hiphop archive

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About a year ago DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist were allowed to take a bunch of these records out on tour. I saw them play, so I’ve listened to the actual vinyl that Bambaataa used to spin. They were even scratching with it! Flipping amazing night :slight_smile:


Heeeeyyy - I just realized - where the hell has Hip Hop Family Tree been?


ya, I contacted Ed, like months ago, he said he was and had been in Europe for a bit. Then, the next week, Rob posted a video that he himself shot of them together in Pittsburgh, so he’s been back for quite a while. @beschizza, is HHFT no longer running here or what’s up?

on topic: this is great news. I look forward to being able to read the notes he wrote on his records (and comparing them to mine, too.)

the library students at GA Tech do a radio show, Lost In the Stacks, about what’s cutting edge in archives which surprised me at how interesting it was. They had on librarians from a university in Houston that curate the DJ Screw archive, which is crazy. And they had Steve Albini on, explaining the recording process in terms of most accurately documenting and preserving sound.

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A wonderful thing indeed!

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