Coronavirus cured (again), Britain’s Royals clash (again) and the woman who pees alcohol (unprecedented) in this week’s dubious tabloids

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In the face of a pandemic of facts, tabloid reporters appear to be self-quarantining to avoid all contact with reality.

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That’s right - you can cure coronavirus with just a few simple ingredients you’ll find in your fridge.


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Really, though, how about we stop these for the duration of the actual fakenewspocalypse? And then, maybe, accidentally forget to start them up again?

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There appears to be broad & growing consensus that these posts do not contribute positively to BB.



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I don’t know about a house becoming an AM receiver, but one of my friends used to a have a guitar amp that picked up a pentecostal radio station from the next state over. He’d be up quietly playing the blues at 2 a.m. and his amp would start telling him he was going to burn in hell.


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I’ve often wondered why we have this crap at all, it’s not even amusing to anyone who has ever seen the tabloids, but I figure someone must like it so who am I to say “stop liking what I don’t like”

But in this case I agree with you, it’s not helpful to even have anything be found in a google search for “coronavirus cured”


Oh, we’re definitely not doing these any more. Sorry Pete.


These are worse than useless (but I do especially agree with them being more dangerous than usual at this time). As I have pointed out previously:

AMI the company that owns and publishes most of these tabloids pretty much invented the ‘catch and kill’ story process to help protect serial abusers like Trump. If you have not heard of it, it is “buy the rights to a story, locked in a legally exclusive contract, then do not publish it.” Story and victim buried, silenced. Powerful person protected.

In no way should anyone give oxygen to these folks, they are complicit in seriously harming people.


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