Cory Doctorow's new book on beating big tech at its own game

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Cool. All we need are world governments to enact policies that…wait…‘enact’…oh crap. Well this one’s dead before birth. Until we get through this cycle of frozen governments, it’s just gonna be status quo. Go. Vote.

I’ve read and enjoyed so much free as in beer content from Cory over the… decades I guess? that I now buy his books in hardcover. I miss his voice here to be sure. Not that I can’t just bop over there and see what’s shaking. =`M


At this point you need an AI to operate 100% in your best interests to sort and filter out all these platforms so that you can have the benefits of platform (community, creative content etc.) and minimize or eliminate the negative (we all know what that entails). gov’t is powerless to enact anything real as long as politicians are bought and paid for by corps.

The man is doing good work. I hope he gets massively overfunded.



Looking forward to reading this - it sounds like all the most important stuff he’s been on about for the last decade distilled into a compelling manifesto. Couldn’t come at a better time!


While many people might have doubts about the possibility of this, I’ve met and heard Cory Doctorow speak many times, and all the things he suggests aren’t really outlandish or out of control or anything. These things are already happening in the EU to a degree. It’s stunning when I set my VPN to a european country to see how much suddenly websites “clear up.” The ads go way down, they stop being clear scams, etc.

It’s definitely possible to do break these monopolies de facto without needing massive government movement.

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