Crazy expensive watch with a flip clock display


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Aw man I love flip clocks. We had a great Kikkerland table / wall mount flip clock that didn’t survive our first toddler, unfortunately.

It was this model, but with the taller flaps. Can’t find a picture of it online, sadly, it dates from around 2003 I guess.

Flip clocks are fairly fragile as clocks go, so I wonder how that’s going to play out on a wrist…


That’s none other than Jacob the Jeweler, bling-supplier to Jay Z and many other 90’s and 00’s rap luminaries.

He was even in Def Jam Fight for NY on PS2.


$90K for a watch…

I can’t imagine what my net worth would need to be before I could justify to myself owning such a timepiece.


That is what I paid for my house.




And yet it still can’t give you the time of day.


This is a vast improvement over the Devon Tread watch with the belt-driven display.

But it still pales in comparison to the Etch-a-Sketch watch I built a couple years ago…


If I had the money I wouldn’t; I think it’s actually hideous.


I wish I could afford it, but no, I wouldn’t buy it.

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