Crimethinc relaunches for the Trump era

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This guy loved the “Crimethinc”-like operations of his era. So much so that I kinda believe he was funding them.

Papa Spook’s got a brand new feed.


Anarkiddies: please stop “helping.”


In the 90’s Crimethinc was kids willing to experiment with unconventional political ideas. Now we’re grown, but our politics are more relevant than ever. Decentralization, sustainability, alternatives to the free market - these ideas are increasingly mainstream today, and badly needed if we’re to survive the coming era.

Probably you shouldn’t dismiss political movements as being youth-led, because the youth are generally the people pushing culture forward.

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It’s not their chronological age I’m dismissing here.

The politics are indeed relevant, and I respect them enough to have read major anarchist works. I just wish I could say the same thing about the anarkiddies, most of whom would call you a sell-out to Wall Street if you expressed praise for Emma Goldman (“Goldman-Sachs, ma-a-an?”).

We need serious activists in the coming years, not self-aggrandising fantasists who’ll torch the first decommissioned prowl car the cops the leave sitting on the street (after notifying the MSM about what will happen).


What about their extensive writings on current events, strategy and analysis of domestic and world conflicts makes you think that they are ignorant of Emma Goldman? What about any of that suggests to you that we are not serious?

I try to avoid making assumptions about commenters here, but it seems like you’re basically making things up or repeating stereotypes without investigating them even briefly.

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In my street demo days I talked with them and witnessed their actions and missteps again and again. That’s how I learned how ignorant many of them are of their own movement’s history. That’s also how I learned why those of them who practise Black Bloc tactics are despised by other protesters.

It’s not just my experience, either. There’s a reason that anarchist groups are the favourite vector for insertion of police agents provocateurs into street demos. It’s the same reason that the idiots who think breaking a window is an original act of protest always end up portrayed as the reps of the protest by the MSM.


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I personally think @miasm has made some tremendous contributions. Tremendous. The best kind of contributions, that’s what he’s provided. The most tremendous, best comments.

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There were like four people besides zigzag commenting, one was a joke about phrasing, and one I know is neither a liberal or authoritarian (I don’t think any of those commenters are authoritarians, FWIW). So that’s like two, maybe, if you’re one of those far-leftist types who thinks liberal=authoritarian. If two people criticizing your anarcho-kool-kids-club thing is too much to cope with, it makes me worry that maybe anarchists aren’t going to be able to manage to form any kind of constructive dialog, though you’ll definitely contribute to the struggle.


Resist, for he is legion.


How surreal; now I’m following them on facebook, ROFL

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