Criminal protip: don't confess "off the record"

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Admitting to a crime “off the record and on background” only works for government officials


“If the President does it then it’s not illegal.”


Note: the “confessing to a kidnapping” link doesn’t actually mention him confessing at all.


I was just about to say that! :wink:

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Police were initially suspicious of Quinn’s story because he did not contact authorities until nearly 2 p.m. that day.

According to the FBI, he said he had fallen asleep and woke up later and freed himself.

…because that’s what you do when your girlfriend is kidnapped at 3 a.m.

A pair of swim-style goggles with tape covering the eyes were found in a stolen vehicle found near an address where Muller was located by police. Inside the vehicle, detectives found Muller’s driver’s license as well as a long strand of blond hair that was stuck to the duct tape on the goggles. The FBI noted that the victim in the March 23 abduction, Huskins, had long blonde hair.

…but apparently didn’t check the DNA. Presumably the hair either belongs to Huskins and is pretty damning evidence, or it belongs to someone else and may help the FBI to find them?

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They should make another Watchman movie, just so this guy can play Rorschach.

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Hair isn’t a good source of DNA. It’s mostly keratin. The only way you’re going to reliably get DNA from hair is if it’s actually plucked out and has an intact growth bulb at the bottom with epithelial cells stuck to it.


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