Crowdfunding Austin's makerspace for kids


As the former Overlord of Dorkbot Austin I had the opportunity to meet and work many times with Kami Wilt, the founder of the Austin Tinkering School. For what it’s worth, she’s a passionate and wonderful person, and 100% Happy Mutant compatible. Throw all the monies in her general direction!

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Are there any novice friendly maker spaces in Austin for adults? I checked when I moved here a few months ago and: didn’t find many spaces. And the one that looked promising seemed to be geared toward people who had previous experience and working knowledge.
Was kind of discouraged and haven’t looked since.

The Austin Hackerspace is open to all. Check out one of their open houses for a tour. Techshop is in Round Rock and is pretty accessible, but more expensive. MakeATX is a good space for laser arts and crafts.

Dorkbot is at 7pm tonight at the Spider House Ballroom. It’s a great event to meet people who make things. Martin, one of tonight’s presenters, is a core Hackerspace member and will be able to tell you anything and everything going on in Austin.

Cool, I’ll keep that in mind when I have a free afternoon :smiley: thanks

Kami is absolutely amazing and a force of maker nature. It is amazing to see her at work with the kids and how excited they are to make. We need one of these in EVERY city. Help make this one happen for sure!

Came here to say the exact same. These are two good options.

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