Crowdfunding phraseology: which descriptive words correlate with success?


I feel like someone should make the correlation/causation point, here.

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Standard marketing practices here. Confidence is important. If people are going to trust you with their money, they want to believe that you can walk on water, and it’s your job to convince them of that. Realism is for after you have their money.

Of course, one fly in the ointment is that by far the best way to make people believe that you can walk on water is for you to believe you can walk on water. Unfortunately, while that belief is very valuable for convincing people to give you money, it’s often fatal to completing the project once you have their money…

The title does state it all.

Correlation is causation after you’ve demonstrated the correlation of causation.

Just ask the twitter bots!

anyone else think “successful crowdfunding markov chain?”

Wonderful. So now, all Kickstarter projects will start to read exactly the same because from now on everyone will be trying to pack their project writeups with the “right” buzzwords. It’s only a matter of time, and not much of it, before freelance job sites become infested with notices of openings for Kickstarter optimzation writers, they way they are now larded up with jobs for SEO goblins.


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