CTO of NSA is moonlighting for Keith Alexander's blue-chip rent-a-cybercops


How is this not being trumpeted from every rooftop?

Conflict of interest is too weak a term to describe this incestuous relationship.

From the linked article:

Keith Alexander is no longer in charge! What the hell relevance is his consideration about what is the “right thing” for the NSA?

If he’s still calling the shots for the balance of public/private interest for Dowd, then he (Alexander) absolutely is abusing his former government position for personal profit.


I believe the word you’re looking for is ‘corruption’.


Who is going to call ‘bullshit’ on him? This is the status quo for Washington; everyone there is gathering information and building a network of high level political insiders they hope to cash in on later. Washington takes issue with who you sell to or give that information to, how publicly, and who’s career is adversely affected. The personal profit motive is a given. The question is who is left to claim the moral high ground… not that they worry much about looking like hypocrites.


I wish you were not so very right.

Maybe we need to get Honest Gil Fulbright to retire from politics and go into his post-retirement consulting phase.


Heh. I kicked $50 into the Fulbright campaign. I don’t think McConnell can be beaten (yet) but both candidates can still be mocked and the public educated about the real motives of politicians. The videos have been highly entertaining. Wish there was similar mockery going on in every state election.


“[He] promises that he’s not selling any of the state secrets from his career as a long-serving, all-seeing top spook”

If he’s not, you’d have to wonder why anyone is paying him so much. I rather suspect it’s, “You should really base your internet security on X and Y. I’m not suggesting that strategy for any particular reason, and certainly not because the alternatives have been fatally compromised by past NSA interference in infrastructure or standards. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.”


The NSA story has always been about privatization and outsourcing of government services, not some deep dark big-brother like conspiracy to control every aspect of our lives.

Keith Alexander uses his government position to spy on the competition. James Comey ensures that the spying can continue. I wonder if James Comey will be joining Mr Alexander’s business when he leaves the FBI? Or before he leaves? Or has he already?

One has to admit, it’s a beautiful business model. While working for a government agency like the NSA, sell the information a business needs to avoid being spied upon by a government agency like the NSA. All the while your buddy at the FBI makes it increasingly difficult for your competition to avoid the spying which helps to drum up more business.

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