Cuphead on an old black and white TV

And that genre, that’s HABP, right?
Hard As Balls Platformer.

Loved when this was done with Fallout 3.

Much easier setup though, since the 360 has a composite out option.

No, it’s a shmup (shoot 'em up). There is very, very little platforming and most of the stages are bosses with no levels. The platforming elements are just in stages designed to collect 5 gold coins.

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Super Meat Boy is hard but, to me, it feels fair. I say this as someone who grew up on the one-pixel-off-and-you’re-dead forced difficulty of some NES platformers. SMB feels like a challenge rather than an engineered prank.

For merciless but fun - check out The Gungeon. Top down shooter rougelike dungeon crawler. Though the more you play the more you unlock and the easier it gets to a degree.

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