Cuphead on an old black and white TV


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This game’s animation was worth the wait. It’s excellent, and crafted with extreme care for the source material.


Cuphead mostly looks at home on that sort of display, except that it does not appear to have been designed with soul-gnawing amounts of overscan in mind(especially some of the text on the world map). It’s a stark reminder of the other ways CRTs were kind of awful(especially TVs and the cheap seats, expensive CRT displays usually had enough adjustment knobs to twiddle that you could mostly force the image to be visible, sometimes even without gross distortion!). It’s a real luxury to actually have your logical pixels map 1 to 1 with physical pixels in a nice neat grid, all the way to the edge.


I would like to try this game, but I suspect I would get frustrated with it.


A VCR does the job for that, if you still have one.


The game looks great, i will buy it whenever it goes on sale so currently waiting :slight_smile:


I’m certainly attracted to the art style, but I’m concerned about the news of it’s punishing nature.


That’s why i’m waiting to get it on sale. I was already burned by Super Meat Boy and a bunch of other games that were fun to play but just too difficult to get any real enjoyment out of. Bought some of those at full price when they came out, for this one i’m gunna wait.


I mean, it’s not very hard for the genre. The play is slower and more thoughtful, and there is a little more RNG to it.


How did you video record your B&W CRT and not have roll? Did you record at 30fps or something?


I presume whomever recorded messed with the fps, as you say. Curious what it’d have to be to minimize the effect as much as possible, if i had to guess it’d likely be the good ol’ 24 fps


Damn, that looks amazing. I don’t usually like platfomers on my computer but if its available in PC I might end up trying it.


It is available.
And it’s not very expensive, like 20 bucks.
I love the style but the gameplay it’s not exaclty my cup of tea.
Well… ehm…


Also it looks likely to be controller biased.
These old hands are not ever going to get used to a controller I’m afraid.


Can’t say what’s the preferred input. I know Super Meat Boy could technically be played with a keyboard but it was really awkward, Dustforce a similar twitchy platformer was the same… just needed to be played with a controller. Would be interested to hear if Cuphead and be comfortably played with a keyboard or not.


But how would it look on the green screen of a PIP-Boy functional replica?


Yeah…taking a game that’s already hard and adding the impediment of a not really supported input device(s), this, it doesn’t sound like fun to me.




I also look forward to when it goes on sale so that I might append it to my backlog and pretend I am going to play it some day.

$20 is surprising. I might expect that they could get away with $25 or even $30 without impacting sales much.


I would have expected a price over $30 considering the game has had a long development cycle. Looks to be a success thus far, which i’m glad for because we definitely need to support ambitious and creative games like this :slight_smile: