Cynthia Ann Parker was abducted by Comanches, then abducted back by whites 24 years later

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Required reading whenever the Comanche come up:

I remember hearing about this elsewhere and it’s an interesting story…


puzzle over why a crowd won’t help a drowning woman.

The absence of doing something is doing nothing, just so you know.

Inspiration for The Searchers?


“Empire of the Summer Moon” is a fascinating book about Cynthia Parker and especially her son Quanah who led the Comanche to a more settled way of life.


Second the recommendation. It’s a distinctly Southern book, though, with some visible bias - just not against the Comanche.

Yes. Although the reality was much different.

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I spent a lot of summers at Fort Parker where she was kidnapped. Her brother John was also kidnapped and raised by the Indians and never repatriated - he was a successful raider and fought for the Confederates as a Mexican citizen and then settled on a ranch down in the Rio Grande and shot at anyone who came too close.

And in the irony department: when Sul Ross finally repatriated her, he took along a 9 year old Comanche boy that was left behind - and that boy grew up in a white home in Killeen and never wanted to go back to his people, either.

She was also inspiration for Stands With A Fist in Dances With Wolves.


Her son’s story is also touched-opon in another Ford movie, Two Rode Together. The story had a lot of potential but the producers ruined it.

I don’t recommend seeing it.

A graphic novel recco: Comanche Moon

I discovered the author via Death Rattle comix (“Secret of San Saba: A Tale of Phantoms and Greed in the Spanish Southwest”) back in the day - some awesome stuff.

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