Dachshund tries to mlem birthday cake icing but keeps missing


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I am (proudly) not trapped in some zeitgeist (I think), so “mlem” was foreign to me just a second ago, yet instantly understood. One of the newer onomatopoeia?


I assume a mlem is just a temporary blep.


Looks like a case of serious peanut butter tongue.


That one I’ll need to look up.

PS: I enjoy being on your lovely planet… here and there.

PPS: Wiener-dog’s out cold. All that mlemming.


The perfect music for this is the “The Stars and Stripes Forever”



I sleep like that sometimes.


What? So YOU can lick your own nose then, can you, clever-clogs?

(Not even going to go anywhere near the apocryphal story about the guy who actually could, and claimed he never needed a pick-up line… oh, wait… darn!)


Both terms frequently used by WeRateDogs. And other purveyors of cute.


thanks Xeni, I feel like we need one of these soul-warming unicorn chasers after every trump news these days


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