Dad teaches 10-year-old daughter how to design and cast a pewter ring

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Just as long as he teaches her better than this one.

Great video! Like the use of CAD and 3D printing for the original, but sand casting using the ‘lost wax’ method will always result in a pretty rough surface needing a lot of cleaning up. My father is a pewtersmith and used a high-temperature two-part silicon rubber moulding material, which means you can reproduce much finer detail and there’s a lot less to do afterwards. I’ve used this myself to cast pewter buttercup medallions (the original was carved wood) - hopefully at some point soon I’ll try this with my own kids!


Great post, I wish my parents had taught me how to do anything apart from chores grin. Just a question from an outsider to 3D printing: does anyone use recycled polymers as a source material, or does it have to be new?

Some recycle. Grinder not included, but once you have plastic bits you can run them through one of these -

Righto, thanks Tyroney. It seems to be a very expensive way of making things, even using recycled materials.

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