Daniel Pinkwater serializes Bushman Lives! sequel on Twitter


I’m finding it increasingly difficult to resist signing on to Twitter, but if anyone can push me over the edge it’s Daniel Pinkwater. He’s been pushing me over the edge since I was ten.

I’m sorry to say that I understand exactly why Pinkwater’s publisher reacted this way. You can only write so many novels chock-full of chaotic, random & unrelated events that finish up with a big party attended by all the book’s characters before it grows incredibly stale.

I like Pinkwater. And I like many of his books - The Neddiad & The Yggyssey included. However, Cat-Whiskered Girl & Bushman seemed… unfinished. Not in a way that made you long for more - but in that unsatisfying ‘why didn’t he resolve the goddamn story’ way that smacked of ‘Holy shit! I’ve painted myself into this corner… how am I gonna get out of… PAR-TAAAY!!!’

I don’t s’pose this is connected at all, but I just learned this morning that the Bushman of Fisherman’s Wharf recently died. However, he was apparently one of two Bushmen who worked the Wharf. So, indeed: Bushman lives!

Thanks Mark23 for your thoughtful comment. It’s a special pleasure for me to be in a position not to feel any need to structure books I write along the lines of TV movies, not that I have anything against stories made that way, or writers and readers who like that sort of thing. I have never said, nor can I imagine saying “PAR-TAAAAY!!!” I note you say you liked two of the four books you mention, meaning you felt I resolved the goddamn story for you rather than leave you to think about it without any help from me? All I can tell you is I will try harder in the future.

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