David Cameron promises law to force ISPs to use a secret blacklist of websites

Isn’t this still just for the big 4 ISPs though? BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Sky. For now anyway. If you want to avoid this you gotta pay a premium i suppose, such as Andrews & Arnold.

Obviously the algorithims that work out what’s porn & what’s not will also be able to provide the magic not back door to strong weak crypto the alleged dead pig ****er wants us to have, it’s simple, he’ll get some of those whizzo boffins from GCHQ onto it pronto.

Also him and Osbourne could just double down on their efforts to ensure that at least poor children are safe from the evils of internet porn by making sure they can’t afford access to the web, so silver-linings and all that.


Ugh. that’s gross. I noticed a similar “promoted” set of links (not as sexist, but still) at the bottom of another article on the main page. I’m not liking them.


Just had a look. They seemed extremely good until i clicked through and saw the monthly bandwidth quotas. Instant deal-breaker right there.

When a single game download can chew through 60GB+ on it’s own, 100GB/month is pitifully low.

I wonder if our govt. will be tempted to use this blacklist to eventually start blocking things that aren’t porn. Isn’t it intresting btw IHMO that all the tools a dictator would need are all here, lying around we just need the relevent madman to complete the job…

As for those ugly adverts I block them. Set out in another post as to why I do this as well. I don’t want any adverts.

"When I read my Daily Mail this morning, I sputtered over my cornflakes because we worked so hard to put in place these filters"

Don’t choke on our behalf, cameron…

Totalitarian nations always say their surveillance and censorship is “because of porn”.

Looks like Britain maybe didn’t win the war against Nazi Germany so very well. Clearly many today there, such as Cameron, well regard fascism.

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Yeah, i agree, although i’m on a very basic package with someone else at only 10Gb a month. Imagine that! This would be luxury. You get off-peak totally free though, not sure if A&A do that. On the plus side there are no call centre monkeys reading from a scripted response - straight through to someone who knows what the fuck they’re talking about and anyone who has to deal with all that knows what a PLUS it really is. I very much imagine A&A are similar but you’d have to ask Cory about that, i’m pretty sure he used them when he lived in the UK.

Their war on the poor and disabled plus many other areas correlates with the same ideology that birthed the nazis too :frowning:


So his government has been preventing parents from using blocklists until now?!?

Otherwise there’s nothing for his government to do to “enable” parental protection.

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