David Cameron promises law to force ISPs to use a secret blacklist of websites


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lemme guess, he’s tired of people at work sending him the link to the lemon party site?


Am I wrong, but isn’t this the guy [Cameron] that puts his willie in pigs?


No video? Not even a Gif? :frowning:

It is so frustrating, I hate the angst-driven newspeak politics mostly pushed by conservatives.

“enable parents to have that [porn filter] protection for their children”, “family friendly filters”, “online pornography [is] corroding childhood” - in the Wired article alone, I didn’t even read the other links in the OP.


He reads the daily mail, this somehow surprises me. I always thought of it as a paper the elite used as a tool to keep the upwardly mobile plebs from hating the right people a sort of printed divide and conquer.


Yep, thats the one. What a stunning beacon of morality he is…


he had to check if all his content “proposals” were printed?


I have a teenage son, and I can assure you not even the most powerful censorship regime nor the strictest parental controls can keep him from seeing porn.


He’s the same one whose advisor on his Great Firewall was caught with child porn on No.10’s computer network.



I honestly don’t get it. how is opt-out “making something available to parents?” Is this driven by a fear from some parents that other parents wouldn’t opt-in properly if that were to be the choice?


If sex isn’t “family friendly”, then how did all of these families get here?


He probably just said that to make it sound like he’s in with “normal people”. Same with the cornflakes.


I am not a proponent of censorship, but I am a proponent of sending a MITM 304 redirect on 10% of all random web traffic to kitteh gifs.

It’ll cut down on the pr0n and people will like it. Why am I not PM? (Japhroaig, you aren’t a UK citizen (shuddup!!))



Thanks, now I know what I’ll be watching tonight.


Bloody hell !


Or a stunning Bacon of Morality


Somewhat offtopic, but does anyone know a good way to block this sexist outbrain bullshit that you seem to see at the bottom of every website?

This was at the bottom of the original post for me:


Goodness, i just tried loading up boingboing via internet explorer sans-adblocker compared to my regular browser, i hadn’t realised there were so many adverts!

I didn’t get any outbrain ads though, (adchoices instead) so not sure if that is something delivered by the region you’re browsing from possibly?

Anyways, firefox plus an ad-blocker works wonders for me (i use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/ )


Not sure why, but that statement jumped out at me, too. And irritated me as well, for no clear reason.