David Pescovitz shares his favorite tools


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Raindrops on records and Poly lined sleeves
Bright stylus cleaners and warm popcorn 'chines
Pretty Red telescopes to make you all drool
These are a few of my favorite tools


Here are some of my favorites


Based on that outfit and the popcorn machine, I nominate Pescovitz for the new Most Interesting Guy In the World.


Bow tie needs more skulls and eyeball, but that’s the only thing I’d change.

Coveting that popcron machine though. Very nice.


The current trendy systems for cleaning records use ultrasound; @pesco is behind the curve!


Roger That!


Nice, but isn’t the most appealing method the wood glue technique?


PVA glue is certainly one of my favorite tools. But speaking from experience, it is a PITA to use on records.


Sounds like you are using a rather unorthodox method of applying the glue…


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