David Sedaris shares his writing process - always carry a notebook


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Really interesting


Mine isnt in my front pocket but it is always accessible.

The corollary to this is “always carry a pen that works”…


I’d recommend a bullet pencil.


Why? Pencil are okay, but unless they are mechanical, they need sharpening. So you need a sharpener, too.

Nah, I simply put a clip-on pen holder on my notebooks and either put in a fountain pen or a fisher space-pen in that.


Because it’s smaller than a pen, and will never make inky marks on my clothes or belongings. I don’t bother carrying a sharpener.

A mechanical bullet pencil would be nice, though.


The cap becomes part of the pen and makes it normal sized.


I prefer pens having carried both. Each has its advantages but I simply prefer pens for taking notes.


Does look nice… but still bigger than my bullet pencil, and far too expensive for me.

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