DEA deputy director: "Every single parent" opposes pot legalization




"We also know that marijuana destroys lives and families, undermines our economy, and insults our common values. There are no sound scientific, economic or social reasons to change our nation's marijuana policies,"
Thomas M. Harrigan

Absolutely nothing in that quote is factual. I'll tell you what insults our common values - putting people in prison for having a plant. As does the DEA destroying peoples lives while our president, an admitted once heavy pot smoker, watches on approvingly.


Well, you know, they could always just invade Crim...errr, Colorado to save the Russ...errr, teetotalers.


That is demonstrably false. One needs only to find a single parent who favors marijuana legalization


Proposed: "every single parent" is just a thinly disguised version of "think of the children."


This guy is terrified that he's about to have a major cut to his budget isn't he? Without million of pot smokers to prosecute, how can he justify such a lavish budget? The only other option is that he's completely and utterly deluded and actually believes all of this. I think the former option is far more likely however.


Found. I'm absent & better for it, but I still hold citizenship & vote n shit.


Apparently in the mind of the DEA I do not exist. I suppose that's a good thing.


I parsed this as every single parent and was wondering why he thinks their opinions differ from married parents.

Not that this makes any less sense.


It's a little unfair to criticize this particular guy. He's a dog trained to hunt squirrels. The minute he opens his mouth to suggest even slightly modifying his squirrel-hunting diet, he's going to get replaced by a fresh, less squirrel-averse, hunting dog.


I thought that the Marijuana was used by negroes and mexicans to stoke their miscegenate lust for unsullied white womanhood? Surely at least some of those count as parents in favor of legalization?


What he meant to imply is "every single [good] [moral] [white] parent."


"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"
I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked - Upton Sinclair


Only Sith speak in absolutes.


Perhaps those in favor of marijuana legalization should encourage those single parents to marry each other, and discover the joys of legal pot together, as a family.


How about giving a comfortable salary to an absolute fuckwit from tax dollars?

Absolute fuckwit, complete arsehole, whatevs. Functionally identical when they have power.

How about Skeksis?


Not mine. I'm 38. I still occasionally smoke with my 70+ year old parents.

Mom gardens, sews, teaches dance and yoga. Dad is retired from 25 years doing IT for the Federal government, won two Grammy awards, makes short films in his spare time.

Neither of them in any way are 'criminal'. I, while not as nice as my parents, still manage a clean driving record, clean criminal record and paid 40K in taxes last year. Granted much of that is due to luck, moderate laws in my area and of course having white skin and a decent gift of gab. Marijuana is not harmless, nor is it a Miracle Drug. But it is neither 'The Devils' Weed' and the ruined lives due to criminalization is surely the real evil.

This guy can go drink a pint of bong water.


I'm a parent and I'm in favor of legalization. No kid (or adult, for that matter) should have his/her life destroyed because s/he get's caught doing something that over half of all Usians have done.


It's the "no true Scotsman" fallacy again:

Shock horror! Those people with children who do not oppose Marijuana legalisation are not true parents they're child abusers!


do true scotsmen support legalization or not?