"Dead" patient woke up as surgeons prepared to remove her organs

The best thing you can do is discuss your decision to be an organ donor with your family.
Also make sure you get the tattoo with a clean needle! You don’t want hepatitis!

I read a slightly similar story, where in Egypt or somewhere, there was a funeral for a man presumed dead and it was discovered he was alive in the open coffin. They figured out he was alive because his body was still warm unlike a dead one should. This makes me wonder how checking for any body warmth isn’t a universal method for checking whether someone is alive or dead?

Perhaps the life of a person with mental health issues being perceived as having less value caused the hospital staff to treat her more carelessly.

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Hadn’t thought of that, actually. My skin, bones, and tendons are all top notch!

OK, I don’t know anything about medicine or organ donation. I just hope I’m actually dead before they take my organs. I want to live. I want to live! Otherwise, take my organs.

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That’s why it should be opt-out - if you really care, for religious or whatever reasons, you can opt out.

It’s not like they don’t make it easy to be an organ donor (in the two states I’ve had driver’s licenses in, anyway, it’s just a check box on the form) but I have seen the driver’s license of many of my friends and acquaintances (mostly in their 20’s) and only one or two other people were marked as organ donors.

I won’t discount the possibility in all cases, but I guarantee that the vast majority of those people did not have religious reasons for not being organ donors - or any reason, really, other than apathy, not reading the form carefully, etc.

Though it seems like a no-brainer to me (both from a personal and public health perspective), I do understand why people would be wary of being a donor even without religious reasons. But I do think that a lot more people than currently would either not care or would actually think it’s a good idea if they were made to think about it (which making it opt-out would force).

Of course, it won’t happen anytime soon, if ever. Things that are good are always opt-in, and things you don’t want are always opt-out.

“Mental health issues” in general is unlikely, but “suicidal” in particular seems possible, as noted above.

Wow, she escapes death and then takes herself out almost 2 years later. Tragic.

I have always been a code 1-9 A-Z organ donor under the Ontario Health Act. Never worried the doctors might whack me for organ harvesting. Hindsight, its a cheap funeral and all the parts get used on medical procedures, education and what nots. Win win.

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