Debullshitifying the Right to Repair excuses Apple sent to Congress

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This kind of crap is why I never really felt the urge to shell out the cash for an intentionally-always-somewhat-obsolete, drastically overpriced piece of (admittedly good, for the most part) industrial design.

It isn’t just repair costs; you can build a “Hackintosh” for 1/3-1/2 the cost of a Mac, although it’ll almost certainly be a lot bulkier AND it will be a PITA to set up; Apple makes it pretty difficult to install OSX on anything but an actual Mac.

Meh. I just can’t persuade myself to fellate Steve Jobs’ corpse enough to buy into this overpriced, incestuous ecosystem.




Not even ashamed.


Apple admitted that costs of repairs exceeded revenue generated by repairs.
They’re too parsimonious to actually sell parts to repairers who want to spare Apple the expenses of doing repairs. They’re too damned selfish to allow iFixit to sell aftermarket batteries. They’ve discontinued the Classic but won’t sell parts for them so my repairman had to wait for someone to offer the used part on Amazon. They still sell the Touch but again, no parts: wait for eBay or Amazon sellers to offer a used part.

Some business model you have there, Apple. You lose money on repairs but refuse to make money on aftermarket parts so third-party repairers can make a little on the side.
How many device customers quit you all annually because of these policies?

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