Debunking Batteriser's marketing claims

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That’s an excellent takedown. Do you suppose we’ll ever see a rebuttal?

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Dave is brilliant. If you want to see his explanation of the difficulty of using WiFi to charge devices, your can see his video (11 minutes) here:

Troll or shill? You decide.


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Had an opportunity to what, by the way?


Whatever they claim? You’re not even going to bother saying a specific thing they claim, or even “everything they claim,” but just “whatever it is that they paid me to shill about, I don’t know what it it, but I’m not being paid enough to actually find out?”

I only withed engineers once. Never again. Couldn’t get the lubricants out of my sofa for months!


I’ll side with Dave Jones on this one. Sorry, (apparent) Troll/Shill/Astroturfer.

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What if the Batterizer claims LakshmiUSA tells only lies? Who do we believe then?


I still think they could hit that 800% mark and exceed it if they switched to Pyramid Power.


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I’m pretty sure that they just found a warehouse full of these

…and while deciding what to do with them came up with the battery booster over a few cocktails…


I doubt we’ll see a real one; though there is some potential for obnoxious whining based on the fact that, while absurdly overblown for the AA/AAA powered devices that actually exist in any substantial quantities, the claims might be demonstrable for a suitably (mal)designed test load; and possibly even some awful piece of junk that made its way onto the market at some point.

If they’d just had the decency to unequivocally step over the line into mystical-over-unity-pixies-and-unicorns land, that’d be the last of it; your claim requires that the battery provide more energy than it contains, full stop. So long as they stay close-ish to the bounds of claiming an ‘improvement’ that is within the bounds of “let’s say we go from a device more or less designed to interact badly with AAs to a near-perfect discharge”, the product is still largely snake oil; but you’d need to do a messy field survey of all the battery powered devices to ‘prove’ that somebody’s anecdotal widget isn’t in fact receiving the alleged benefit. That leaves wiggle room.

Take heart; the Google search results have this article above the company’s website.


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