Declining adult coloring book sales challenge bookselling's recovery


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coloring books, sheesh - did they really think it would go on forever?

here’s an interesting article about some grownup coloring books from the 60s -


When I read the headline, I first thought these were something sold in adult bookstores.


The last time I wandered in to a Barnes and Noble, the place seemed to be jam-packed with coloring books. I was really surprised at how many shelves were dedicated to them.


I have a small pile of coloring books. I actually did finish one small coloring book and got about three pages into the next one.

Maybe I should take it up again because I need to relax, but even if I did I’ve got several months’ supply of them already.


Any bookstore around here seems to have more than they could possibly sell.
I get that people like it but I couldn’t see how it would be that big a thing.


Depending on Fads for livelyhood is never smart.


I own a few, but there’s only so much time that I can spend coloring scenes from Die Hard.


there’s the problemo, right there - they shoulda made em thinner

now what they need to do is promote using the colored-in pages as bespoke wrapping paper or some other artisinal consumable - bingo, fad echo


I guess I’ll have to slightly modify my plan to publish the most popular book ever based on current trends: a huge coffee table combination coloring book and vegan cookbook, with “fuck” somewhere in the title, all about how you can empower yourself through zombie underwater dogs dressed in adorable Star Wars costumes.


Not enough Alan Rickman in his underwear to hold your attention then?


I know, I mean physical books had a good run but it’s time to move on



There is not even ONE page with Alan Rickman in his underwear in that entire coloring book!


Would you settle for Alan Rickman in togs???


Just need to create books that replicate other roles in comic book production.

Done colourer, so now try inker, or perhaps letterer?


There’s your growth opportunity!

(Need someone to photoshop a 50 Shades of Gray Coloring Book)


Also, hello, people, we need those wet the dot books for adults. Those are way better than coloring books.


I still don’t see how those books are relaxing. They have hundreds of tiny, precise little spaces to fill in–it makes me anxious just looking at them.


physical books will always have their place and need. However for mass market better to go with ebook.