Demolition company accidentally bulldozed wrong home

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Huh. It’s not just the cops who break down the wrong door… I wonder if the demo company has qualified immunity as well?


@pesco yes, déjà vu (reboing)


For a few seconds Ford seemed to ignore Arthur, and stared fixedly into the sky like a rabbit trying to get run over by a car. Then suddenly he squatted down beside Arthur.

“We’ve got to talk,” he said urgently.

“Fine,” said Arthur, “talk.”

“And drink,” said Ford. “It’s vitally important that we talk and drink. Now. We’ll go to the pub in the village.”

He looked into the sky again, nervous, expectant.

“Look, don’t you understand?” shouted Arthur. He pointed at Prosser. “That man wants to knock my house down!”

Ford glanced at him, puzzled.

“Well he can do it while you’re away can’t he?” he asked.

“But I don’t want him to!”



My first and only question is, who wants that lot? With the house being boarded up and uninhabited for that long, I’m willing to bet someone had their eye on the land and paid for the oopsie.

Then again, I’ve been living in Chicago for almost 30 years, and am used to shenanigans like this happening here.

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Chicago had someone knock down an airport overnight…


The demolition company had a work permit to demolish a house at a different address. Hard to see a contractor willingly take the rap for something like that. If they were going to pretend it was a legit job why not bring a work order with the right address printed on it?


Akschully Mayor Daley the lesser had city backhoes dig big ol’ X’s on the runway.

Man always was trying to live up to his dad’s image and ended up becoming a joke…hell the man couldn’t even bring the 2016 Olympics here…and we lost to Rio…the IOC is one of the most corrupt organizations known to man (behind FIFA), and the literal king of graft in the world headquarters of govermental and NGO graft couldn’t deliver…his daddy would never have let that stand.


Sounds like somebody owes somebody else a house.


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