Department of Labor seeks "Books That Shaped Work in America"


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That’s a great reading list, although I’m unsure as to how some of these (like “I’m a Frog!”) are helping to shape work in america.

well, it hardly shaped the nation, but the coolest one I ever read about US labor was Sabotage In The American Workplace. Don’t think I’ll be nominating that one to the Dept. of Labor…

I’m surprised it wasn’t listed, but ‘The Jungle’ comes instantly to mind. I’d put off most of my life fully reading it until last year. I was surprised, both pleasantly and repellently. Lewis’ style is a bit old fashioned but the laissez faire grind of Early Modern Capitalism is still relevant in grim on grim portrayals of rivers lighting on fire and men falling to their mysterious disappearance into the lard boilers. If your family is from Chicago immigrant stock it has the added bonus of being a sort of fantastic familiar memoir.


It is listed

Needs more books from:


George P. Shultz, Liz Claman of Fox Business News: can’t imagine two people who would know less about “work”. I guess it’s no surprise that Peggy Noonan’s masturbatoria on our most crooked president is in there.


That was my first thought, too. If you liked “The Jungle” try “How the Other Half Lives” by Jacob Riis. That should be on the list, as well. In fact, I just submitted it to the list.

There’s still a Department of Labor?


Personally, I would recommend Slim by William Wister Haines, who was also the author of Command Decision as a great work novel.

And I truly LOVE the fact that What do People Do All Day by Richard Scarry is on the list.

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As it turns out Robert Reich already submitted “How the Other Half Lives”.

It kind of bugs me that the top two books in the Logo could never keep their balance like this.

I went there before I came here, and I did nominate that one.

They’d do well to change their UI, though: after submitting a form, it should give a confirmation that the submission was received, not take you back to the previous page with no visible change.

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My first snarky thought was ‘grapes of wrath’

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My thought too. Quite the quiet and anemic little department, that one. . .

“Wait, I know how we can promote the cause of working people in this country whose jobs are continually being degraded or simply cut – let’s make a list of books!”


I just submitted The Mythical Man-Month. I’m surprised it wasn’t there already.

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