Desklamp comes alive with Arduino


Arduino. You life up my light.

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The next thing you know the darn thing will be jumping around and squashing capital letters especially the captial I.

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Very cool!

To be clear, it’s not just “a few servomotors and an Arduino” – you can see that the Arduino is sending the data to a webserver, which is actually doing most of the hard work (video processing with OpenCV, etc.).

But still super cool! I loved the “useless machine” part of it at the end.

So… no matter where you move, it shines a light in your eyes?

Luxo Jr.?

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I love Lamp.

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Yeah, the first time a lamp in my house decides it 1) needs attention, or 2) overturns a decision I’ve made (e.g. turning itself back on after I’ve turned it off), well, let’s just say it’ll be time for target practice down at the 'ole range.

“Ring. Ring”. “Hold on, let me take this call. Hello. ****. Well, yes. **** Umm, guys, Pixar’s lawyers are on the line”.

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Want. Even if it isn’t a real Luxo.

(People forget just how impressive Luxo, Jr. was at the time. Few computer graphic demos told stories, and few had this much realism; Pixar not only had a better-than-average rendering engine but had people who cleverly created “characters” that fit nicely within its limitations.)

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