Desktop dumpsters


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Nearly $200? Um. I would much rather 3D print one or just buy any other existing alternative.


Upon further inspection the cost is likely because the dumpsters are made out of steel, coupled with the size (10in) i can see why it’s pricey. Though the price is still something else, but i’m likely not their target audience so this is mostly lost on me.

I think if i absolutely had to have something like this i would just 3D print something and find some miniature casters to put on the bottom.


Of course, if they made them of sterling silver, it would just be absurd.

Alternatively, I wonder how easily a Raspberry Pi could be crammed in there.


You could make a nice fire and say look I have the USA on my desk with it though.


And swarovski crystals


Graffiti is $200.00 to $300.00 extra.

I don’t even want to know what rotting food costs.


Looking at the instagram I like their other product more.




Cute, but they should of been designed to be real trash cans. Don’t need any more Tchotchkies around the house.


When I read the headline, I thought someone had a look on my desktop, and peeked into one of those folders. Particularly the one named “old desktop”. Or the “tidy_up” one. Or even the “stuff_to_delete” folder…


Would make for a nice ashtray.


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