Developers mourn a canceled project in this short 'cave painting' about grief

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Current AAA games are a grind house of employee exploitation. First world soul crushing sweatshops. I really need to put my money where my morals are quit playing them - but I don’t think that’ll change anything other than, at best, cause more job loss. For AAA titles who pull in obscene amounts of money, an extra year of development and a couple dozen more workers wouldn’t devolve the profits too far - or even noticeably in some cases. Yet could remove the need for The Crunch - any project that banks on that type of work schedule as “par for the course” is just a shabby excuse for greed and mismanagement.

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Are there “AAA titles” made by companies who are not seen as slave-drivers? Where the employees are treated well, relatively speaking?

Valve maybe? They certainly don’t seem deadline-oriented.

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