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How’s your experience with Diaspora?

##Please post relevant profile links when you mention you have an account

#Particularly if you are complaining that you never see any activity at said site

tribe.net - which seems to be down now (2015.02.10)



Been on there since the beginning, but couldn’t get any friends to join… I pop in every once in a while. I think that I still have a couple people that I “know” from google reader there, but mostly I just follow some tags that interest me – I like the rather high signal-to-noise ratio.
edit: my last actual post there was 3 years ago :scream:


Oh, I forgot, I’m there, too: https://www.joindiaspora.com/u/michaelpaulukonis



This pretty much sums up Diaspora…


Gave ya a :heart:


I like it. Most of my friends have not been willing to move over from facebook, so, like twitter, I end up following people who are interesting that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

It has /tremendous/ potential that is still somewhat unrealised. Organisations that need social networking features with privacy protections (like, say, student unions for clubs) could install pods which would open their members up to the larger network also. I think it will end up growing along those lines. However, it’s still missing calendar events and groups. When those are introduced, I really think it will gradually take over, growing through affinity pods.


Synchronicity: Dave Winer just posted this:
We could have an open, user-controlled, ad-free Facebook

We saw some of the enthusiasm when Diaspora launched a few years ago, but they were college students, and weren't realistic about how to bootstrap such a system. You might say But Zuck was a college student when he booted up Facebook. But that system got to grow slowly, and their mistakes weren't exposed so quickly because they were small when they happened. If you wanted to boot up something that would do what Facebook does, today, you'd have to be prepared for a much bigger user community, almost immediately.
I'm not advocating anything. This isn't a proposal of any kind. But I thought about this the other day and asked myself the question -- is it possible? And I decided it is possible. So I thought, being a blogger and a developer and a user, as I am, that I should say that.


People seem to think Diaspora ceased development when that particular user quit paying attention. In fact, Diaspora platform has been continually developing over the last few years. The number of active users (users who have logged in within the last month) did fall from their initial burst of publicity, but has been steadily growing since. I’m not entirely sure they’ll be the next big thing, but whatever does take over in the post-facebook era will be federated. Four or so separate platforms now federate with diaspora and are part of that network. … Not only is it ‘possible’ to do something better, but it doesn’t seem that far off.

The killer feature right now for facebook is events. When the federated platforms are able to handle those well, I think their growth will really accelerate.


BTW, if anyone wants to add me, my diaspora ID is celesteh@joindiaspora.com

For those of you without experience of diaspora: If that looks like an email address, there’s a good reason for that. The federation model is a lot like email in that people have user names on particular pods. your posts get pushed out to your followers. Much like you have to pick and email provider before you can start doing email, you do have to pick a pod to join. I tried signing up for a bunch of pods to check them out. For people in North America, I suggest: Shreckislove https://shrekislove.us/users/sign_up and for people in Europe, I suggest: despora.de https://despora.de/users/sign_up

For more about trying it out and how to get started, I’ve got a blog post: http://celesteh.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/moving-to-diaspora.html


I can’t find my original Diaspora account and password, so I made a new account tonight. christina1804 at wk3 dot org.


Added ya, I think - it’s been a while…


Added you and everyone who contributed to this topic prior to my arrival. Thanks!


Okay. Now what, mutantes?


There are mobile clients, but they are web apps, as Diaspora currently lacks an API. WOW.


Using Dandelion.

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