If you have a lisp, will she visit in the night and replace it with a quarter?


I hate there's only one unsourced photo.


Sure she's cute now, but they grow up to be grammar nazis, you know. The jackboots are already in place!


Supercool outfit. Does she follow through with tips?

Diction always makes me remember the most awesome voiced person I ever heard - a sightless actor, on the tube, discussing with someone who had offered to assist what he did. He was amongst other things a voice coach, and on a noisy tube, he projected his voice so beautifully that you could clearly hear what he was saying from one end of the carriage to the other, without being, loud harsh, brash or any of the other rotten adjectives that would apply were I to attempt the same feat.



I hope her Gram'mar is keeping an eye on her!
Mom's the word!




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