Digital marketing is the new normal, and you can master it for under $20

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Step 1: Make up an important sounding term like “Full Stack Marketer”.
Step 2: Get people to buy your product.

See that is how digital marketing works. Same as the courses that teach you to get rich by getting a bunch of dupes to by a course on how to get rich.

:slight_smile: rinse. wash. repeat.

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Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things. – Terry Pratchett


You think this offer is no good? I was considering it

Marketing is one of those things where they are trying to sell so they make anything sound attractive and worth more then it is. Marking an online marketing course is a bit of funny business and recursive. The term “Full Stack Marketer” is hilarious, so like marketing to latch onto a term like Full Stack without knowing the first thing about what it actually means.

If you find more then $20 of value in it and actually do the courses, then it is likely worth it to you, I wasn’t trying to dissuade anyone. Regardless of subject, these types of courses are usually quickly cobbled together short video packages, most useful to new entrants trying to get the lay of the land, rather then experienced people looking to expand an existing skill set.

Best of luck whatever you choose! :+1:

appreciate your input

Maybe start with free youtube instructions? I find myself touching these marketing things at work (not for pleasure) and they can be fairly complex when you haven’t learned them and don’t have someone to take you through it. Not rocket science one you’ve been shown how they work but lots of different factors that I didn’t even know existed.

I accidentally found myself in a marketing world after having worked in health care and the first book I read was “Born to Sell” by Daniel Pink, not to learn how to become a super seller but because I had a moral questions about being the salesman and wanted to somehow not feel like that. It helped me get into the world of offering my company’s wares without feeling like a snake. You can sell and do digital marketing without being a ridiculous parody of a used car salesman.

You dont sell anything with marketing. Instead, you help customers buy.

You can do this for free. She also has a book.

and you can look here for a lot of great free content and high quality content.

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something attractive about it being wrapped in a neat package like this.
The instructor for the 3rd module is actually very good. I took a Udemy
class with him and got a lot out of it. You cannot preview the 2nd module
but it looks like it’s a person from Adwords - which I have to imagine is
pretty good. I couldn’t really get a read on whether the first mod. would
be any good by the preview.

Appreciate the feedback either way. Thanks for the rec. of Born to Sell.
I’m going to read that on your suggest.

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Report back. I’m working on marketing now v

is it Pramid scheme or reverse funnel?

I can’t see “full stack marketer” without reading “full slack marketer”

It’s a menstrual cup.


It’s a dimaryp!

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