Dingbel: New app for Apple Watch based on Breaking Bad character Hector Salamanca's iconic bell


That so could have been edited and scripted down to ten seconds. :-p

So it’s like the Yo app but with a bell?

c.f. the semi-fictional Bro app.

I love that character but I dunno about using his aphasia as the punch line to a joke. I know, fictional character, but I have known 2-3 people in similar shape. Enough frustration is like torture.

Woops, I accidently bought an xbox.

Funny idea, but it cannot be used without a Facebook login. Deleted.

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Let me know when they come out with the Captain Christopher Pike version, with both light and sound.

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I never understood why the captain did not just communicate via Morse code…

My spouse never understands why I bring this up every time…

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Give me one bit and I’ll give you a full-scale communication. (May be slow in selected contexts.)

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Wait, this gives me an idea for an app: Meep!

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