Dirty tricks people use to steal from self-checkout stations


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I only steal to compensate myself for the labor of checking myself out.


Safeway’s here have removed their self-checkout stations. I asked about it once and was told it had to do with the union but, probably because of all the stealing going on.


I kinda like them if I am just grabbing one small thing like a candy bar or such but otherwise I find them a pain to deal with compared to old school.


I like the idea of self-checkout but the ergonomics of it suck.


Which Type-T are you @frauenfelder??


Self-Checkout is cool unless there’s any hiccup whatsoever… then it kinda sucks.
Some nearby supermarkets have their self-checkout units’ volume set on “Hard of Hearing” mode.
They don’t just do voice prompts but instead scream them like they’re trying to penetrate concrete with sound.


My local self-checkout takes pennies as cash, so I load that sucker up. It’s a cash register and Coinstar machine in one!


Our Target and Walmart have disabled any scale checking, from what I can tell. I believe because they were constantly saying errors when there were no errors, causing the helper person to be swamped putting in their code. So I suspect folks are getting away with a lot more now, but maybe they make up for that with getting more people through and less compensation to employees.


Gee, I had no idea I could read the Atlantic for the latest techniques for shoplifting. I’m going to cancel my subscription to 10 Finger Discount Monthly.




Interesting point. If they also required you to stock the shelves, sweep the floor and unload the truck at the back would they be infringing on labour laws?


Did they also install hand scanners? The local Walmart here now has scanners you can use to scan bulky items without taking them out of the cart. Which would complicate the whole scale situation.

As for self checkout tricks, there are some that have carried over from normal checkout. Namely hiding objects inside bigger objects or on the bottom of the cart where anyone watching might miss them.


It’s still cheaper than paying union cashiers. Cost of doing business.


Considering how little attention clerks pay when coming over and resolving “unexpected item” alerts, I’m not sure it’s worth avoiding.


The first time the self-checkout rang up a box of six $20 items as a single $20 item, that was on the store. The 3 times I went back for the same deal over the next several months was totally on me.


It seems like whenever I’ve used one of those self-checkout lanes, either they glitch for me or the people ahead of me. At regular checkout lines, I also have quite a talent for finding the line where someone will have credit/debit/EBT card glitches.

And, of course, the shortest line moves the slowest, unless I pick a longer line, in which case the slow virus moves to the line I picked.


I was kind of expecting to learn something new


I suspect you over-estimate your worth.


Just look at it!

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