Discourse offering advice

I do not think this is remotely useful or helpful.


Have you read through

No, I read the threads here created by our blog. When I am forced to read something outside of them or our general information thread I feel violated and unhappy.

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was that in a “five day” thread or a “three months after last post” thread? i’m not sure if discourse can tell the difference. if it can, fine, but if not it seems like a context-detector could help with that kind of thing.

eta, oh. never mind then.

there are some that are pretty good-- the “food thread” is full of recipes and information and “unicorn chasers” has some pleasant images.


I agree 100%. How the hell are we supposed to “get anybody else involved?” I know that you can use the at-mark to draw somebody’s attention, but I’d find it rather off-putting to get dragged into a conversation that way. And the whole, “Maybe you two would like to take this outside” suggestion is a bit off-putting as well.

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Hilariously the config name for that option is “get a room” :wink:

The intent as I read it is to suggest to folks that they not monopolize the conversation. That’s a valid concern in a non-threaded forum like this, but I agree, the “get others involved” is not helpful.

I’ll change the wording to something like “make sure you’re giving others an opportunity to contribute” while leaving the suggestion of PMs there as an alternative. Unfortunately there’s no mechanism to actually not show the box at all.


Where can I edit it? I will fix it.

Any Discourse text on-screen can be edited via Admin → Customize → Text. Type a unique-ish word in what you’d like to change – in this case I recommend “perspectives” – then staff can change it to whatever they like:

(screenshot taken from my own Discourse instance)

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Sure – suggestions for improved wording are quite welcome!

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You could set the get a room threshold site setting value to something high like 99?

I’m very open to suggestions for improved wording, because I think the intent is sound. Just the other day we talked about people being “on tilt”, like so:


Nothing calms down a riled-up user like an automated message suggesting they be more thoughtful.


We’ve discussed potentially having more of an enforcement versus a warning… these kinds of rate limits are in effect for new users, but not for established, trusted users.

Perhaps they should be, since an established community member being “on tilt” was one of the main observations from Slow Mode.