Discover the hilariously epic failure of a crypto-fueled libertarian cruise

Real life story of a couple that tried to live on an island paradise. They were woefully unprepared. Murdered a better off couple and stole their boat ro return to civilization.


Sort of. I’m aware of a handful of stable marsh communities that arguably fit the bill, but they are all borderline to the definition in some way and none had particularly high standards of living. Some of the marsh tribes in Iraq maintained artificial islands and homes built of reeds, but even most of those groups traded with the more stable land and part of the community was on land. Marsh drainage wiped out most of the traditional marsh communities in the early 90s. The other big almost group was in southern China. They were more river and ocean shoreline based, but repaired boats at land based harbors, but lived for generations on boats. And again they dealt heavily with the land population and part of the community lived on land. In every case I can think of the boat communities lived worse lives, faced substantial persecution, and trade heavily with the land.


You don’t have to keep your previous citizenship. Since other countries tend to think that US ideas on dual citizenship are hooey you can reapply for your original citizenship once you are naturalized. It used to be that regaining UK citizenship was a simple as a single form, apparently. My US born kid is a dual citizen/passport holder but this didn’t happen for a few years after she was born. As far as the UK government were concerned she was entitled to UK citizenship so they happily issued a passport without regard to US views on citizenship. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that no country would recognise another states views on who it regards as its own citizens (setting aside treaty obligations in regard to statelessness which are another matter).


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