Disney yawns at lawsuit over Magic Keys

The “believe” key only had two advertised blockout dates for January, but currently all but one weekend day and every Friday is fully booked. (This is actually better than earlier when it was showing every single weekend day booked.)

As I stated earlier, someone buying this pass back when they first went on sale would have not had any way of knowing that weekend days would be so difficult to reserve. People buying them now can at least see what’s already booked and make their decision accordingly.

I didn’t buy an annual pass myself and I don’t think Disney owes anyone millions of dollars in a lawsuit but I don’t begrudge those who are a little annoyed at the way the park is handling reservations.

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On a similar topic, if anyone’s interested in a long (long!), but very thorough, examination of the difficulties in implementing a system to minimize lines at park attractions, and Disney’s history with doing so, I highly recommend the recent Defunctland video. Sure, they’re putting their bottom line first, as they always do, but that means (at least in part) making people happy. Which is hard.

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