Display supplier leak suggests a possible "Nintendo Switch Pro" is coming soon

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2021/03/04/display-supplier-leak-suggests-a-possible-nintendo-switch-pro-is-coming-soon.html

Dagnabbit, I just got a switch in December. This is why procrastination can be a good thing (sometimes).


Same boat, just got one three weeks ago. I’ll just assume the larger display will mean even worse battery life and be content with what I have.

I kept meaning to get one but the stores here never have them in stock. So maybe I’ll get the new one?

You probably got it cheaper and without hardware bugs!

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These rumors are coming literally every month. Also on Bloomberg, which I don’t see as credible source for video games anyway… Until Nintendo announces anything, this is just random guessing. And if they go on guessing, they will be right at some point.

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Haha, yes, that’d be by me procrastinating to begin with. Even got the lovely pastel-colored Animal Crossing edition because I waited so long!

It’d be an unusual move for Nintendo; they have a decades-long commitment to sturdy, plasticky hardware with mediocre-to-bad displays, and they don’t bring out aspirational luxury versions of their stuff.

I could believe they’re making a Switch focused on longer battery life, though, and an OLED panel might make sense for that, if it’s not too expensive.

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Admittedly, New 3DS was a better version of the 3DS (suddenly the 3D actually worked :smiley:) … but then your last sentence is exactly on-spot in comparison.

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