Dissociative psychedelic Ketamine may help suicidal children


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From horse tranq, to date rape drug, to therapy. Is there anything Special K can’t do?


I only used Ketamine (“K” for short.) a few times about 15 years ago
I am not an emotional or spiritual person, but the week after using is the most spiritual happy time of my life.
Personally I have seen people addicted to it so it would not be good to give freely.
Though it would be great to either take with a prescription or microdosing.


People using LSD and psilocybe cubensis have reported similar effects, and those drugs have no addiction potential. The sad thing is, none of these studies are all that surprising. We’ve known both from scientific studies and self-reporting that these drugs have the potential to be very effective treatments for depression and anxiety, but federal drug laws prevented research from being done. In the meantime pharmaceutical companies have been churning out an endless stream of antidepressants, which for most people provide only moderate improvements at best and that’s exactly how they want things to be.


Jeff Sessions opposes this, I promise.


I for one support hacking your consciousness via OOBE in a K-hole, while hopefully not puking tooooo much.


A couple years ago, my wife decided that we needed to bring one of our cats to an emergency vet hospital on a weekend. The cat had a slight allergic reaction to her food, and had an inner ear infection and was scratching the ear to the point of drawing blood. The cat had never been much of a fan of the vet, and this time was no exception, so the vet asked if he could give her a sedative so he could examine her. He took her into the back and we waited. And waited. And waited. Ends up, the idiot vet did the math wrong and gave the poor cat 10 times the required dose of ketamine. Luckily, she survived the ordeal, and apparently suffered no lasting effects.

And as far as I know, the cat isn’t suicidal anymore.


Phew! Glad to hear that ended well. That’s actually one of the other positive things about Ketamine - it has a really big therapeutic window, ie there are orders of magnitude between a small useful dose and a dangerous dose.


I’m not so deep down in a hole that I need ketamine, but microdosing sounds like a possible alternative for my not so vertical keel.
Not knowing anyone in the San Diego area makes it near impossible to do anything about it though.


I had a heavy dose of ketamine in 2009 when my broken arm was being set. It felt like my higher cognitive functions had been disconnected from the outside world. I had no sense of time or space. It didn’t make me happy. Just scared and confused.

Edit: its a bit like this world of goo song:


Yeah, the LD50 is huuuugee. The amount needed to meet the Many-Angled Ones is less so.


I dunno if it’s a good drug for sustained dosing. Tolerances rise crazy fast and long term use makes you piss out your insides.


Or the amount snorted on top of 150mg of mdma that has you standing in the doorway trying to comprehend the geometry of the room you were in only 15 minutes earlier.

Or so I’m told.


Well yeah, the only thing worse than people who use drugs are people who give drugs to children!

(Does it really count as sarcasm if the guy probably actually thinks this?)


Psilocybe Cubensis spores are legal to purchase, and growing them isn’t all that difficult. People have reported positive results from micro-dosing with that. Of course, owning the fruiting bodies that come from those spores is illegal, so do that at your own risk.


Hmmm, sounds a little too efficient and comforting. As Americans, we prefer our battles with internal demons to be scarring, long, and full of suffering. How are we supposed to lionize/magnanimously pity/draw inspiration from these damaged heroes in the manner of the Passion of the Christ if they just “feel better?”


There were some studies I was looking into using a slow-release form of ketamine to help with depression. The protocol was a slow release over a few hours every 3 weeks. It seemed to work really well. I want to try that really badly.


I mean, like, why would we ever want to cure something? That goes against basically all modern practices of monetization, we’d be crazy not to turn “not being suicidal” into a recurring monthly revenue stream.


Exactly. You gunna kill off daytime TV for “health” and “wellbeing”? Why oh why won’t someone think of the Oprahs?

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