Disturbing drawings: how Laurie Lipton reveals our inner darkness

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Wow, that was something. Her work is amazing!


It’s a shame it didn’t look more at her drawing pratice itself, that would have been interesting


I wholeheartedly concur that Lipton’s technique and imagination are extraordinary. However drawings that “expose some of the most unsettling themes in our culture, such as fear, politics, sex, murder, indifference, greed, and chaos…the grotesque sides of human nature, the haunting imagery that lurks in our unconscious” describes 90 per cent of contemporary mass culture, and after four years of Trumpism and Covid birthed by decades of neo-conservatism, neo-liberalism, and neo-nazism, I’ve seen enough of these themes acted out in real life not to wish to relive them in art. At what point does “exposing” evil morph into wallowing in evil, as in ten thousand slasher/zombie/sexual violence/etc. movies and comics? I’m reminded of the Robot Maria in Metropolis, urging her admiring one-percenters to follow her outside to watch the world go to hell.

I acknowledge that mine is a minority opinion, particularly in the BB world. At the moment there seems to be a consensus that the truest art is art which expresses human awfulness in the most repellent way. I can understand that point of view, but personally my nihilism score is too low to embrace it.


Same here. Does she plan/outline/sketch her ideas on a small scale prior to committing to 6’x9’ drawings? Does she use white pencils? **Seeing a time lapse of a even a small drawing being created would have been amazing.

**The doco on Ralph Steadman, For No Good Reason, gives us that. It reveals so much.

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when did kidnapped become a euphemism for molestation?


Hmmm, fair question.

Until just now I hadn’t heard of Laurie Lipton. WOW!!! Thank you for pointing me in her direction! Her work is an inspiration. If you need me I’ll be exploring this exquisite rabbit hole of Lipton’s work.


If you like these, get your hands on her “The Drawings of Laurie Lipton”. Got this +5 years ago and love it.

I’d be really surprised if she didn’t make plans for her work in smaller scale consisting of sketches and studies for the larger piece. Also, the renderings of so many things like machines, cars, etc. look too precise for these things to have just come from her imagination, as is alluded to in the documentary. Not that there’s anything wrong with using photos or real life as a model for art, I just think it’s unlikely that there weren’t real-life objects used for reference.

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