Divorce complaint of Richard Feynman's second wife




LOL, my mother in law asks me in the car, “Who are you talking to?” “Oh, I’m programming. Sorry.”


Also his jokes were derivative.


Also he was f**^ing his graduate students’ wives.


[citation needed]


Surprise! Betcha he didn’t calculate on this…


Check out “Genius” by James Gleick for more info. It’s been a while since I read it, and it might have been his friend’s wives rather than his student’s wives (or maybe it was both?).


Respondent R.Feynman: “Court is advised Dr. Feynman is a goddamn mathematical genius and that Plaintiff should eat a turd.”


My Dad used to do calculus problems in church-- the programs wer often covered with integrals and drawings of curves.


Wait, Feynman the physicist, or Feynman the dentist?


Shows what she knew. He totally wasn’t thinking about calculus when he was boning ever other woman in sight.


I guess he really liked their wave functions.


Your pot is cracking.
My girlfriend is a constructive influence on my life, and I’m a better, smarter man for it.
What the hell happened to you?


Yeah… because male entitlement in the context of heterosexual relationships is super fucking appropriate this week.


Also his jokes were derivative.

Was that really the source of the discontent or did some other factor stick a fork into their relationship?


I know, something doesn’t add up. Was it really math that divided them or was it another factor? Was there any other sine that this issue was just tangent to sum larger problem. Did she not feel equal, like she only got a fraction of the respect she deserved? Not to be negative, but I say this was all imaginary unless we have proof. Not to be obtuse, she might just be playing that angle to appear right. :slight_smile:


But that was integral to his work.


First step - find the citation. If this is real, it should be traceable and verifiable.

THEN we analyze it, if it turns out this isn’t just a popularly believed attribution.



I think her O-ring was cryogenically cracked.


I think, or rather hope, that Crajok was joking.