Doctor who trained U.S. troops suspended for macabre, ketamine-assisted sexual experiments

I believe that any accusation of abuse should universally be believed and lead to automatic termination of the superior side of the relationship and an exclusionary order against ever approaching the accuser.
The accused can rebuild their life elsewhere as many ordinary people do when unemployed or after loosing even hard won certifications.
That said other than the abuse allegations this sounds like a pretty amazing surgical trauma course, at least as I knew of them in the 90s.
The animal injury is fraught with the eternal question if it is appropriate for animals, otherwise fated to the abattoir, to suffer to significantly increase the skill of trauma surgeons and responders vs to be bacon. As for catheters and other techniques that is mostly done to hospital patients for practice, not sure why doing it to each other is that unusual though not how I learned.
The drug abuse if constant is a problem but the story seems to indicate that it was part of a lab to experience a reasonably safe anaesthetic(was our emergency first line for peds), not sure how the DEA(I could give a shit) or university feels about drug experience labs though it is probably a good idea, if radical, for practitioners to experience all of the low risk techniques on their own person so they can better assess patients.
I am first inclined to understand, believe, and sympathise with Hagmann, which is why we must universally and automatically believe and protect all accusers and remove anyone who is ever accused, even that level of protection does nothing for those who are not able to come forward.

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Sexual or not, why in the everloving fuck would a penile nerve block be a necessary lesson for battlefield medicine? Or the effects of circumcision as related to masturbation? I’m sure the Iraqi Army is comforted by the training our military medical personnel are receiving…

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I strongly suspect we are hearing only a small part of the story here, and I think that may be just as well for the sake of what remains of my mental equilibrium.


It sounds a bit like the kinds of wildly inappropriate behavior that signal early-onset dementia in a fair number of people.

Combined with an environment where nobody is empowered to tell the guy “no.”

Why? Pigs (in that form) exist because humans bred them like that. They’re going to die at our hands anyway. So long as they aren’t conscious of the manner of their passing, what difference does it make whether they end up on your plate or on a stretcher to be used for resuscitation training?

The other stuff is weirder by far. :confused:

Or both!

Not tried it myself, but I have it on good authority that pork pumped full of anaesthetic drugs tastes really bad.

Mutilating pigs while they are conscious so they could be used for training and eaten would be way worse than any of the other stuff he’s accused of.

Nobody said anything about weirder. Just which behavior is more disturbing.

Pigs Shot and Ripped Open

PETA’s disturbing eyewitness video was obtained during a DMI Operational and Emergency Medical Skills (OEMS) course attended by members of the Air Force, Navy, and civilians. The footage shows live pigs shot with shotguns and cut into with knives to cause massive bleeding. DMI staff also rammed a metal rod through one pig’s leg, cut into his abdomen, pulled out part of his intestines, and shot him in the face, blowing off his jaw.

In the video, a DMI instructor also asked whether one pig, whose arteries had been severed, was dead or alive, and when he was told that the pig was alive, he replied, “Cool. Vivisection.” This instructor then slashed open the live pig’s chest and used large metal rib cutters to break through the pig’s ribs. Upon hearing the pig’s ribs crack and crunch under the pressure, a trainee reportedly asked the instructor if he had been a butcher in a former life, to which he replied, “No—I watch a lot of Dexter.”

Mutilated Pigs Apparently Still Conscious

In PETA’s eyewitness video, one course participant said that a pig whose arteries had been severed was apparently inadequately anesthetized. DMI staff said another pig—who was cut open repeatedly on the limbs, chest, face, and head—kept starting to regain consciousness.

If true, then that was indeed a disturbing failure. In Oz and NZ they would be required to have veterinarians on site to supervise the anaesthesia and ensure that doesn’t happen.

The chest slashing and rib cutting is what might need to happen to you if you’re fortunate enough to get to a fully equipped trauma centre with internal bleeding from a penetrating injury. Better for all concerned to practise on a pig before they do it to you?

Do I want to know why it took so long for someone to complain?

Spot! On!

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The macabre part comes in when this “medical professional” does it after having everyone take 8 shots of rum in 10 minutes, then administers ketamine, and then does penile nerve blocks and catheterizations.

This is fucking Dr. Nick Hollywood upstairs medical college level shenanigans.

Seriously, if you’re teaching medicine, there’s zero reason to get your students shitfaced in class. The only reason why he did it was to disinhibit them and force consent (we all know drunk people can’t legally sign a binding contract, much less give informed consent for medical procedures.)

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Every time I see the headline I get tripped up thinking “Doctor Who”


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