Doctor who trained U.S. troops suspended for macabre, ketamine-assisted sexual experiments

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I seriously need trigger warnings for trigger warnings. I definitely get triggered.


Inb4 bad puns about “K-hole”.

I am not convinced that catheters or nerve blocks count as “sexual”, they are not usually regarded as such. Just the same, I have been drugged and sexually assaulted before, so this still creeps me out.

During a July 2013 course in North Carolina, authorities say, participants were provided eight shots of rum in 10 minutes. About an hour later, they were allegedly injected with ketamine. Officials allege that one intoxicated participant received a penile nerve block, a type of anesthesia. When other students stepped in to prevent a second intoxicated student from receiving the procedure, the report says, Hagmann volunteered himself, and students performed a penile nerve block on him.

Now that’s what I call a party.

How the fuck much ketamine were they taking?

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Catheters and nerve blocks are “macabre medical procedures”? You people have VERY LOW THRESHOLDS.
Off to the Anti-Hippocratic Society meeting, BRB.


Also, I should point out that Doctor Who is merely the name of the series. The character is referenced simply as “The Doctor”.


thank you for this so very very much. <3


you win. game over.

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Fascinating how he was able to build an empire evolving around his sick and abusive kinkery. The forthcoming book and movie shpuld be pretty good, but hollywood will screw it up.

I cant watch the video, but I do want to know… are the live tissue wounds performed on animals that are awake?

I regard this triggering of my triggers as a microaggression


so “trigger warning” is another clickbait word.

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So a hell of a lot of people knew what this guy was up to.


Ketamine, catheters and nerve blocks aren’t bizarre in themselves, but there is a time and a place … Difficult to see how participants practising that sort of thing on each other is useful. The “shock lab” is of highly debatable educational value too — it’s far better done to an anaesthetised and invasively monitored animal model rather than inflicted on human subjects.

The stuff about the pigs used for resus training just looks like PETA handwringing to me. Better to practise on anaesthetised pigs than learn on the job and on people. Unless there wasn’t a vet on site to oversee the anaesthesia and final humane dispatch?

Aye, indeed. There’s a definite Swartzchild radius round the ol’ K-Hole, but even then, I’d not be wanting ketty catheter insertions done by someone in orbit…


He’s only in trouble for doing all this in a private facility. If he’d done it at Guantanamo, they’d be giving him a goddam medal.


I’m sorry, but reading about what he and his students did to pigs disturbed me even more than this newly revealed and entirely unsurprising other sociopathic behavior. The fact that our government funds shit like that sickens me even more. And that he could find so many people to participate in what he routinely did to live animals, all while making jokes about in the process. God, I’m going to have one of those “I hate humanity days” again today. I can feel it.

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Given K has a very wide therapeutic index, “metric shit-loads” is probably the most accurate answer you’ll get.

Is this the approved scientifical way of saying “Too much is not enough”?

A better description would be “a little is odd; a lot can be profound; too much sends you to sleep; and way, way, WAY too much is dangerous.”

And always remember the words of Stpehen Fry: “Of course too much is bad for you - that’s what ‘too much’ means!”