Does anyone have two tens for a five?

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I’ll gladly give you a buck three eighty for a five.

Note: you will receive 20 cents less with this exchange…


IMHO we don’t pay enough for the damage that fossil fuels do to our planet.


Calvin’s dad’s wish might finally come true.


Yes. If only USians would think for a bit about how higher gas prices generally mean less driving, and less damage to the environment.

Though it is true that in the short term, some who live in rural areas and have little money, yet HAVE to drive their cars, are going to suffer all the more these days.


hear, hear!


So many Americans have budgets that are stretched thin every day, or live going into debt. And they have lives that are dependent on driving - not just in rural areas, but in the cities and suburbs. People who somehow kept thinking that low gasoline prices are sustainable, and have sadly built their lives and budgets around that error.

That have purchased giant SUVs, or homes that now cost a fortune to heat, or are 20 miles from their job. They have no visible way out of this conundrum. They can’t walk to the nearest grocery, let alone their job. Our US infrastructure doesn’t support a car-less life. I commute by bicyle, but it is basically untenable and I do it just to prove that I can - my city (Denver) doesn’t even plow the designated bicycle route through my section of town. How can I convince others to try this, when I realize the absurdity?

The developers suggesting we rip down single family neighborhoods to build triplexes are modelling a pretend solution that solves nothing yet increases the external costs of these lifestyle choices ( more pollution, more use of natural resources, more garbage created by destroying extant homes). And now we have rising gasoline prices for dubious reasons, and the absurd non-answer to open new drilling (and destroy more of our natural world) from the very people who are pretending to want the US to be energy independent but who also export oil and natural gas.

We can’t discuss actual solutions on a national level, because 30% of the populace appears too stupid to work toward their own interests, and 50% of the politicians are busy telling outright lies and refusing to have honest discussions. Our corporations are run as ‘profit today at all costs’ and people think that’s not a choice, but a necessity.

It’s not even a buck three eighty for a five - it is a buck three eighty for a five, plus you still owe me 10 dollars and a hamburger on tuesday. And yet the national discussion is over culture wars, and being spearheaded by Republican liars. Arrrrgggggggg.


Perhaps worth mentioning that fuel is circa $2.00 per litre in the UK right now…


High gas prices (along with most of today’s “inflation”) are just profiteering. Like 3% of our imported oil (so not even 3% of total) came from Russia, and it takes like 60 days for that to make it to the pump. They’re just ripping you off because they have cover, nothing about it helps Ukraine (and no company that pays their execs and shareholders millions is “forced” to charge what they do)


Not if we don’t put in decent transit as an alternative. It really just means poorer people.

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